Containers with full body branding labels

Full Body

Marketing Innovation

Full body printed heat shrink sleeves are a superior packaging decoration alternative. With full body coverage and 360° decoration, shrink sleeves will improve the shelf presence and visibility of your product(s).

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Tamper Evident heat shrink band on a spice bottle

Tamper Evident Seals

FDA Compliant

Tamper Evident sleeves prevent unnoticed tampering of a package once it is sealed and leaves your production facility. These can be clear or printed, neck-only bands or full body sleeves, depending on your marketing objectives.

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Personal Care packaging with specialty labeling


Attention Grabbing Package Style

Shrink sleeve printing provides an excellent promotional decoration alternative. Their improved shelf impact is the perfect medium to deliver your message of a new flavor, new ingredient or product or you can backside print a coupon or hide a code for entry to your website for additional promotional offerings or customer comments.

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Twin packs of personal care items wrapped all in one and complete


Promotional Marketing Opportunities

The need to combine multiple packages for sale under a unique bar code is easily solved by a Multi-Pack Shrink Sleeve. The individual package’s bar code can be obscured by your promotional message, while a new, unique bar code can be added for proper identification.

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We Deliver Shrink Sleeve Solutions.

Impact Sleeves is a heat shrink sleeve manufacturer appropriately named due to our focus on delivering a positive impact on the environment, our customer’s business and our investor’s return on investment. We offer our customers over 20 years of industry experience, multiple printing platforms and Eco-Sleeve® recycle friendly shrink label and band products. Eco-Sleeve® is designed to improve the shelf presence and appeal of our customers' products while helping their end users improve the PET recycle process. We are determined to become a leader in sustainable initiatives in our industry and stay on the leading edge of sustainable


Eco-Sleeve® is a simple solution to a complex problem.
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practices.  Compare us to other shrink sleeves manufacturers.
As a Team, we are determined to promote the use of shrink labels and heat shrink bands as superior packaging decoration alternatives to pressure sensitive labels, bands, wrap around labels and ROSO labels. Additionally, we will promote the use of our Eco-Sleeve® shrink sleeve and bands, which eliminates every known issue with our labels and bands in the recycle stream. Within a very short time period we expect that Eco-Sleeve® sleeves and bands will soon be regarded as the most recycle friendly package decoration product in the band and label market.