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Digital label printing is an economical, high-quality printing method that offers many advantages over traditional printing. It is the perfect solution for short run production requirements, prototyping, test markets, and sales samples. Whether you need one copy or one thousand, digital printing is cost-effective and fast.

Industrial label printers make digital printing feasible. They are durable and reliable, and designed specifically for high-volume production. Industrial printers are ideally suited for manufacturing and warehouse environments. 

Benefits of Digital Label Printing

Investing in digital label printing technology is a smart business decision for many reasons. Industrial label printers offer many benefits, including:

  • Design flexibility. Industrial printers can create high-quality images of varying sizes and shapes on any type of paper or film substrate. 
  • Economical. Because you’re using digital software instead of traditional printing plates, digital label printing is very economical, saving you labor and supply costs. Last-minute label changes cost virtually nothing. 
  • Customizable Print Runs. Whether you need a small print run for a prototype, new product launch, or promotional event, or a high-volume run, industrial printers can be customized and scaled to meet your needs.
  • Environmental Sustainability. You’re in control of exactly how many labels you need, so digital printing creates less waste. Furthermore, certain substrate materials are made from recycled materials. Industrial printing can be good for the environment.

HP Indigo Technology for Your Digital Printing Needs

There are many different types of industrial laser printers available. Narrowing your choices may feel overwhelming. All have their pros and cons; what it really comes down to is what you need your digital printer to do for you. Are you branding products? Creating barcode labels? Tracking inventory? Identifying wires and cables? Or some combination of the above?

The HP Indigo series of digital presses are a great solution for industrial label and packaging applications, including shrink sleeves. HP Indigo LEP Technology utilizes a thermal offset transfer process in which a blanket transfers ink to the substrate via direct contact. When the blanket is heated, the ElectroInk particles are melted and blended into a smooth film which is then transferred to the media of choice. This results in a high-quality image that offers the look and feel of a true offset. 

Additional benefits of this process include: 

  • Incomparable color and ink capabilities.Up to 97% of PANTONE colors are reproducible.
  • High-coverage printing. Coverage levels up to 500% or more can be achieved with no reduction in print quality.
  • Media and application versatility. Print on an unmatched variety of digital label printing substrates, including coated, uncoated, synthetic, metallized, and colored media.
  • High speed and high print quality. HP Indigo’s LEP Technology allows you to easily and cost-effectively produce hundreds or thousands of orders daily. 

Our HP Indigo Digital Roll Printer is a high-quality production solution for short run shrink sleeves. With its ability to print sleeves on demand with short turnaround, the HP Indigo offers enhanced productivity and profitability for our customers.The print quality is exceptional. This digital press uses liquid ElectroInk technology to print up to seven colors. Furthermore, the HP Indigo integrates Variable Data Printing (VDP), which allows for communication and contests with end users via unique product codes.




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