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Shrink sleeve labels are one of the fastest growing trends in the marketing industry. Their 360° graphics create placement versatility on any shelf. Adding to their popularity is their cost-effectiveness and ability to conform to almost any shaped container.

Instead of using adhesives, shrink labels use heat to shrink and seal a flexible film material for securement.  The film options we have available are PET (G), PVC, OPS, PLA and a new “frosted” film. We will consult with you to decide the best material for your application based on intended use and package shape.  With our innovative shrink sleeve printing solutions, we can offer efficient solutions to any of your shrink sleeve printing needs. 

Shrink Sleeve Label Benefits

  • Products can be easily packaged together for specials and promotions.

  • Utilize tamper evident capabilities that are needed for pharmaceutical and food products.

  • Cut back on excess packaging inventory. Avoid bulk purchases and label only as needed.

  • Labeling material is resistant to moisture.

  • Reusability. By avoiding the use of adhesives, the containers are reusable.

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full body heat shrink packaging example




Full Body 

Full body sleeves can turn an ordinary container into an aesthetic work of art. Create an appealing design and watch your profits soar. We are proud to offer the Eco-Sleeve, an environmentally friendly option that removes unwanted products from the PET recycle stream.

Federal compliant tamper evident label on spice jar  


Tamper Evident Bands 

Tamper evident bands not only protect your product from tampering, but they also provide a sense of safety for your customers. Most commonly found in the food and pharmaceutical industries, consumers now expect them on their products.  

Shrink labels as promotional packaging  



Offer specials, introduce limited editions, offer free gifts and more with promotional packaging. Easily cover up bar codes to offer alternative deals and to create greater marketing appeal.  

Multi-pack bundling options  



Multi-packs instantly give off the perceived image of a discount, and consumers love a bargain. It is easy to package multiples of the same or various sized products with one unique barcode. We are dedicated to providing eco-friendly solutions for all of your shrink labeling needs. Our dedication to customer service and innovation keeps us at the forefront of our industry. Contact us today with your current container or idea and we will show you the available options!