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Increase your shelf presence and stand out from the competition by using full body heat bottle labels and bottle sleeves. With 360° full body coverage, you will maximize the space you have to promote your brand and get your message across to consumers. Shrink labels will fit any unique container, and you can get shrink bands for plastic containers that are designed to increase shelf appeal to the maximum. We provide PET(G), PVC, OPS, and PLA Shrink Sleeves. Imagine the possibilities, and we will help make it a reality.

Heat shrink bottle sleeve labels are printed on a flexible film that provides superior 360° decoration. Once heated, this film creates an aesthetically appealing decoration that conforms to any size and shaped container. This attractive packaging provides end user appeal perfect for any shelf space. 

Concerned about the environment? So are we! That is why we have introduced Eco-Sleeve® Full Body Shrink Sleeves to eliminate unwanted materials from the PET recycle stream. Ask us how Eco-Sleeve® Full Body Shrink Sleeves can help you and your customers improve product recycling! 

 Why Choose Heat Shrink Labels? 

  • From a marketing standpoint, the ability to promote your product from every angle is highly enticing. It makes it easier to sell your product to vendors as necessary shelf space is adjustable.
  • Our shrink bands are recycle-friendly. The bands are easily removed, allowing the entire bottle or container to be recycled with minimal waste.
  • It is a breeze implementing tamper evident bands for all food and pharmaceutical products. They provide peace of mind to customers and vendors, as well as fulfill regulatory requirements.

Interested to learn more about increasing your product’s awareness with shrink labels? Contact us today! Together we will discuss the options for film, finishes and any specific applications you may require. 

For pricing and other information, contact: [email protected] or give us a call: 330-425-2100

Full Body PLA, OPS, PET, or PVC Shrink Sleeve Bottle Labels for Rum Bottles