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Promotional Shrink Sleeves

Promotional shrink sleeves from Impact Sleeves can improve point of sale appeal, cover and replace a barcode, or introduce a new launch, new flavors, or new ingredients. Total 360-degree branding of your container will draw attention to your new product or offering with greater shelf appeal.

Promotional sleeves can be used for limited editions, free gifts, competitions, on pack promotions, and BOGO promotions. 

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What are Shrink Sleeves?

Manufacturers looking to win over consumers, separate themselves from the competition, and provide secure, tamper-proof packaging often turn to shrink sleeves for their product labels.

Shrink sleeves are seamless full-body labels that wrap completely around the product, offering 360-degree coverage. They’re gaining popularity in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food/beverage, cosmetics, household goods, and chemicals.

Why are Shrink Sleeves Popular?

Marketers love shrink sleeves because they are a great way to take advantage of the extra label space — 150% more than traditional pressure-sensitive labels. All that additional room allows for 360-degree branding and provides a place for ingredient lists, regulatory notices, and other information.

Full-body labels serve as a canvas for large, colorful graphics and images. Designers aren’t just limited to the flat side of the container; their artwork can wrap all the way around the bottle or can. Decorative shrink sleeves are a popular way to grab the attention of consumers and distinguish your brand from your more monotone competitors.

Another advantage of shrink sleeves is their ability to conform to pretty much any size or shape of product. They adhere closely to bottles or cans that are irregularly shaped or oddly sized, and products of varying sizes and shapes can be grouped together into a single packaging unit. This creates promotional shrink sleeves that can be used for free samples, two-for-one specials, and more. 

The ink on shrink sleeve labels is printed in reverse on a plastic or polyester film, which reduces the chances of smudging or fading and protects your branding from the elements. The durability of these labels and the protection they provide ensure your products look great, even when exposed to hot, cold, wet, or humid environments.

Best of all, shrink sleeves can be configured into tamper evident shrink bands for safety. These are typically applied to the cap area of the bottle, providing clear evidence of tampering if the seal has been broken. Tamper evident packaging offers security that is useful for products such as medicines, cleaners, and certain foods and beverages — anything that could pose a safety hazard if ingested or tampered with.  

How are Shrink Sleeves Applied?

Shrink sleeves are an economical alternative to more traditional packaging methods. Digital printing means shorter press runs, no plate costs, faster turnaround times, exceptional print quality, and the ability to create highly customized labels.

Sleeves are applied using an automated machine called a shrink sleeve label applicator. The film is shrunk using heat or steam so it fits perfectly around the container; this offers much better conformity than traditional pressure sensitive labels such as stickers, which are laid upon the surface of the container using an adhesive. After the sheets have been printed, they are turned into sleeves by a shrink sleeve converter, which seals the ends of the sheets together with glue while leaving openings at the top and bottom, creating a cylindrical shape that is then applied to the bottles or cans.


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