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About Us

About Impact Sleeves | Your Heat Shrink Sleeve Provider

Impact Sleeves is a heat shrink sleeve company. That is all we do. Period. 

However, we do them every day, and correct the first time. From initial concept, to grid testing. From distortion of the artwork, through printing, seaming and inspection. From the actual application and running them through your tunnel, we are there, drawing on our 50 years of combined experience with thousands of shrink sleeve projects under our belt. Our Team has been engineering, printing, seaming and shipping shrink sleeves for over 25 years. Our hand selected Team members bring multiple levels of expertise and experience to each of our customers, giving them the best solution to their shrink sleeve needs while striving for unparalleled customer service. 

Our Process

The only constant in the world is change, that’s why we carefully evaluate each job differently. Being able to differentiate the variables of each job and offering multiple printing platforms, diversified ink systems, and the ability to correlate each project with the precise type of material, uniquely distinguishes us from our competitors. 

We have helped hundreds of startup companies, hundreds of first time shrink sleeve users and many experienced companies improve their current sleeve projects and change over other label types to shrink sleeves. Whether you need 100 sleeves for a trade show or 40 million per month for national or international distribution, Impact Sleeves can help! Once engineered and ready to print we can bring your designs to life Digitally, using narrow web UV Flexographic printing, Wide Web CI Flexographic printing, or Gravure printing. We can print using water based inks, UV cured inks or solvent based inks. Our arsenal of presses and ink systems are at your disposal to assist you in creating the look and feel that will make your product not only noticed, but jump off the shelf! 

Mission Statement

Impact Sleeves’ mission is to provide the most recycle friendly, heat shrink sleeve solutions, delivered to the right place, at the right time.


Values & Guiding Principles

Curiosity: We want to learn. We value continuous education and continuous improvement.

Customer driven: We recognize we have no business without our customers. We strive to do everything we can to meet your needs.

Creativity: We want to ask "why not" whenever possible. We are not happy with the status quo; we want to provide innovative solutions.

Fun: Life is too short to not enjoy. We want to make every interaction with us a good experience.

Integrity: Our actions are guided by our moral compass. We won't always do things right, but we will always do the right thing.

Relationships: We value our employees, customers, suppliers, and everyone else we encounter. We want to build relationships, not just complete transactions.

Results oriented: We recognize that we are judged by our ability to deliver products and solutions that work.


As members of the human race and fellow inhabitants of this fragile planet, Impact Sleeves will always strive to follow and improve upon sustainable practices regarding manufacturing processes, waste generation and disposal, emissions and energy conservation. We will strive to be the leader in recycle friendly shrink sleeve initiatives and practices, leading the charge for innovation and improvement in our industry.

Contact Us

Shrink sleeves are helping today’s manufacturers move products in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Lawn & Garden, Spirits, Nutraceutical, Pet Care, Household Products, Personal Care and Private Label markets. Shrinks sleeves are the fastest growing label type in the world today. We are replacing pressure sensitive, cut and stack, and wrap labels. Sleeves are even replacing direct screen printing on bottles and cans. 

If you are interested in sleeving bottles, cans, glass, plastic, or even styrofoam, let Impact Sleeves help you. Contact us at: [email protected]

If you need a cover-up label or need to block ultraviolet light, give us a call at 330-425-2100. If you want to show off your product with a predominantly clear sleeve, come see us at 1750 Highland Road, Suite 1A in Twinsburg, Ohio. 

If you have a new message, new product or just want to show off your product, we are here to help, at Impact Sleeves. Making a positive impact on your bottom line! Call us today!