We have experience with all of the different materials used to manufacture in today’s marketplace. Your package shape and its intended use will determine what materials will work best for your particular project. Available materials include: PET (G), PVC, OPS and PLA.

  • PET(G) - Polyproplyene Terephthalate Glycol, film combines high density and strength into a high quality option. Known for its excellent clarity, it is a heat resistant option with a higher shrink percentage. Over the last few years PET shrink sleeves have gained in popularity, in large part, due to the fact they are also recyclable. 
  • PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride, film shrinks at low temperatures while maintaining its high density. PVC is the most commonly used material. It has good clarity, shrinks at multiple temps, and is very weather resistant.  It is also the easiest to control during the process of shrinking while staying scuff resistant. The low cost of pvc shrink sleeves is a plus for most manufacturers and helps us provide lower rates to our buyers.
  • OPS - Oriented Polystyrene film is an environmentally-friendly, and more cost-effective than PET. This film offers great consistency. 
  • PLA - Poly Lactic Acid (Polylactide)- film is made from renewable resources and is biodegradable. This type of material has high clarity and requires a lower activation temperature.

We continuously work with the world’s film and resin suppliers to evaluate enhanced properties and new films as they become available. Increased sustainability is the way we all want to move, and as new materials become available, we will bring them to you! Contact us today to find out more information about our PET, OPS, PVC, or PLA shrink sleeves.

 ***New Film in the marketplace: One of our favorite USA suppliers has introduced a new "frosted" film. This film approximates the look of a frosted bottle.  It is new and exciting, and we have some film in stock!  So, if you would like to see it on your container, just send us one and we will shrink it on for you!